The Russian Super Woman:A Woman Pulls A Tram Car


They say what men can do women can do better. This video explains exactly what that phrase means. You will not believe what this Russian woman can do. You can call her super woman or simply woman of steel since she has done something no other woman in Russia has done.

This video shows you how Oksana Kosheleva, a female Russian athlete from city of Irkutsk, moving a tram car weighing 17.2 tons. That’s hard to believe but all has been caught on tape. When she starts, the tram car is still and doesn’t look like it will move even an inch. However, it only takes a few seconds before the wheels start moving.

The crowd cheers on and this motivates her to even go faster. She picks up a good pace and gains momentum to reach her finish line. This is a good video and you should consider sharing on Facebook for your friends to see.