Sad Story Of Identical Quintuplets Born In The 1930s


This story is a truly sad one to watch. The video depicts the story of five identical sisters who were born in 1934 by natural means. When they were born, the government took them away from their parents because they were concerned they would be exploited. Unfortunately, this did not prevent their exploitation and they spent their entire childhood behind glass, being gawked at three times a day by visitors.

These beautiful girls were the talk of the world at the time and were put on display and studied by the medical community. It is frightening to read their story and so sad to see what they went through. They were known as the Dionne Quintuplets and there were dolls and all kinds of products made. It is estimated the government made a billion dollars off of these babies and they sadly never saw a dime of the money. Watch this unbelievable video and be sure to Please SHARE on Facebook.