Salsa Dance Group Wows the Audience at the 2009 World Salsa Championships Semi-Finals


This Salsa dance group is one of the most energetic and talented you will likely ever see! They have such a high level of skill and maneuverability, you will not be able to believe your eyes as you watch them perform in this video. The Salsa dance is one of the liveliest of dances and the dancers must have great levels of stamina and flexibility to pull it off. As these couples rock the dance floor, it is clear they should be the winners of the championships!

From their costumes to their moves, this dance group has it all together! This video shows off their hard work and perseverance in being the very best. You will love the music and watching their moves is almost mesmerizing so sit back and enjoy every minute. It is not clear if they won or not but they sure do deserve the honor! If you enjoy this video, Please SHARE on Facebook.