San Diego Police Officers Practice Their Dancing Moves With Local Youngsters


These policemen from the San Diego Police Department took community policing to a whole new level as they went a step further when interacting with the locals. It was not all work as usual as one officer decided to practice his dancing moves with a couple of youngsters who seem thrilled to have this rare moment with an officer.

His colleague films the whole thing as his partner danced with the kids just next to their police car. You can check out the video for yourself but, oh well, I can’t tell you that the officer has been attending his dancing classes lately.

The best thing is that, the little showers of rain did not stop the officers from going on with their work and play with the community. The kids laugh and giggle throughout the dance as they enjoy every bit of the moment. In the end, one man goes in and gives a shoulder hug to the dancing officer and clearly it was a good day’s job.
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San Diego Police Department