Sara Bareilles’ Haunting Performance Of “Once Upon Another Time” Gives Audience The Chills


We don’t think much about it, but music is a huge part of our lives. Even if you’re not a huge music fan or you don’t purchase a lot of music, you hear it all the time. It plays during our favorite television shows, in commercials, while we’re shopping in stores or pumping gas, or during the dreaded on-hold phone calls.

Even if you’re like me and like to surround yourself in silence a lot of the time, there’s still “music” all around. There’s the sound of the breeze through the trees outside the window, the birds chirping as the sun comes up, and the sound of the frogs in the evening. Even nature understands how important music is.

Certain songs or tunes are better than others. Sarah Bareilles has won six Grammy Awards, and she is a platinum-selling singer and songwriter. She has a beautiful voice, and her songs are full of heart. They are the type of songs that people can relate to and remind them of themselves and their own memories. That is a mark of true talent — when a songwriter and singer can create something that is about them, and comes from them but speaks to people on their level.