Saving and Liberating an Injured Hammerhead Shark in a Crowd


When people think of humans rescuing animals, they will typically imagine them rescuing adorable and harmless animals like kittens. The idea of people manually rescuing ferocious animals like hammerhead sharks with their bare hands is the sort of thing that seems terribly shocking and risky. Still, the people in this video manage to pull it off, and they manage to pull it off in a way that doesn’t even seem dangerous or risky.

The hammerhead shark in this video was cleared hindered by some sort of obstruction, which one of the rescuers managed to remove. A crowd gathers around to watch, and there’s a sense that the rescuers are trying to keep the crowd away from the shark for more reasons than one. When the obstruction is removed, the shark is released to the sea seemingly unharmed, and without harming anyone else. This is a video that people would enthusiastically SHARE on Facebook.


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