These Savory Pop Tarts Are The Perfect Afternoon Snack Or Meal On The Go


If you have never tried Gemma Stafford’s puff pastry recipe, this is the perfect opportunity. In this video, she is using that recipe to create delicious savory pop tarts that are absolutely perfect any time of the day. You can make a bunch of different flavors and then freeze them so they can be baked anytime you are craving something that tastes homemade. In this video, Gemma shows you how to make a spinach and ricotta, ham and cheddar, and pepperoni pizza pop tart.

These pop tart recipes are absolutely delicious and people of all ages will enjoy them. Once you learn how to make the puff pastry, you will find there are tons of different flavors of pop tarts you can make, including sweet and savory. This is a keeper recipe so make sure you watch the entire video. Check it out and Please SHARE on Facebook so everyone can learn this easy recipe.

Gemma Stafford