What Would You Do If You Saw A Patient With Dementia Being Taken Advantage Of?

If you did not know this video was a social experiment, it would certainly make you angry! In this segment of What Would You Do, a woman is visiting a nail salon with her elderly dementia patient. During the entire time she is in the salon, she is being verbally abusive and takes his credit cards for her own expenses. The other women in the salon refuse to allow her to get away with it!

The women let this care provider know she is in the wrong and needs to treat her patient with the dignity and respect he deserves. One woman, in particular, gets very upset and later tells the host of the show that she saw her father or mother in the man that was being cared for. So, what would you do if you saw this happening to an elderly person? Would you get involved or remain quiet? After watching, Please SHARE on Facebook.

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