What Would You Do If You Saw A Woman Being Abused?


What Would You Do? is a show that has captivated the world since it first began in 2008. This hidden camera show broaches some of the toughest subjects and measures the reactions people have. In this video, unsuspecting people witness a man being verbally abusive to a woman. Will they step in and stop him or walk away? This is a video you do not want to miss!

The people in this video each react in expected and unexpected ways. Some walk out or ignore the scene while others get directly involved and even call the police. How would you react if you saw this scene unfolding before your eyes? Would you try to save the woman or act like it isn’t your problem. Unfortunately, millions of women are abused each year and it is important people get involved and do not turn away. After you have watched this video, Please SHARE on Facebook.