These Scaredy Cats Are Hilariously Frightened While Watching A Bird


When you see this video, it will have you laughing out loud! Three cats are sitting in front of the door, gazing intently upon a bird that is walking around outside. They have no idea who is behind them so they are not quite prepared for the fright they receive. When a little poodle runs up behind them and frightens them, the madness that ensues is quite hilarious! When they jump high into the air with fear, you will not be able to help but laugh.

This is a quick video, so make sure you do not turn your head or you will miss the funniest part. It is so funny to see the dog make the cats go crazy. They were so intent on the bird, they had no idea he was about to strike. He picked the most opportune time and the results are hilarious to see! After you watch, Please SHARE on Facebook.