Scary Bus Ride for School Students


While school is known as a place for children to better their educations, it is also known as a place of safety.

That safety should extend to the bus ride to and from school, but as the students in the following video found out, that isn’t always the case. The bus driver can be seen speeding down the road as one student runs up the aisle to tell the bus driver he missed his usual turn.

The bus then starts moving backwards as the students beg the bus driver to put on the emergency brake.

Older students on the bus can be heard begging the bus driver to stop moving and to turn off the bus and are also seen hugging and comforting younger students.

As the bus driver refuses to stop the bus, children are heard telling the driver that they need to go to the bathroom or that they are going to throw up and one student uses her cellphone to call for help.

Later determined to be drunk, this bus driver shows a side of an extension of the educational system no one ever wants to see happen. Share this video on FaceBook to spread awareness of this scary situation.