Scary Spice Pushes Gold Buzzer for Thirteen-Year-Old Opera Singer


There are very few opportunities to see the golden buzzer being pressed on America’s Got Talent so this is a video you will not want to miss out on! When shy Laura Bretan steps to the stage before the judges, it is clear to see she is very nervous. The judges do not know what to expect from her and Simon later admits he was afraid she would not be able to get through the song. When this young lady opens her mouth and you hear the voice coming out, you will do a double take!

This young lady is clearly talented well beyond her years! Her operatic style is flawless and she clearly belongs on stage, doing what she loves. Her talent brought tears to the eyes of the audience and shock to the judges. Simon was absolutely blown away and we all know it takes a lot to impress him! If you think Laura is going to be a star, Please SHARE on Facebook!

America’s Got Talent