Seal Introduces A Lady He Discovered Singing On The Streets Of Manchester


Seal is a consummate performer who loves helping people realize their dreams. When he happened upon a street performer, he stopped to sing with her, much to her amazement. Seal immediately fell in love with her beautiful voice and decided to bring her to one of his shows to perform. In this video, the crowd goes wild as he steps to the stage with Poppy, to introduce her to all her new fans.

It is amazing that Seal would reach out to help others. He can recognize true talent and does not mind showing it off every time he gets the opportunity. Poppy is one truly talented young lady and she will likely have a wonderful music career ahead of herself. When you hear her performing this song and playing her guitar, you will want to hear it again and again. After watching this amazing performance, Please SHARE on Facebook so your friends can see it.

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