Seal Stops For Impromptu Performance With Street Performer


Can you imagine walking down a street and hearing a familiar voice, only to turn around and see the one and only Seal performing on the street corner? When Seal came upon this street performer, named Jason Deeh Pitre, he decided he would help him out with his performance. Unfortunately, most of the people walking by never realized they were in the presence of such a great talent! Do not miss out on this video!

Seal was so kind to stop and perform with this street performer. He is an amazing performer and the two of them blended their talents together perfectly as they sang, “Stand By Me”. You will love this beautiful, impromptu performance and will be amazed to see so many people passing by and not even giving them a second glance. Little did they know, they passed up a legend! After you have enjoyed this performance, Please SHARE on Facebook.