See The Amazing Rescue Of A Cat Who Was Stuck On The Ledge Of A Twelve Story Building


The cat in this video is certainly very lucky. Somehow, he got out of his owner’s apartment window and was perched on a ledge twelve stories high. High up in the air, the cat seemed to be clueless of his precarious situation. Thankfully, rescuers were able to use a special device to catch him and bring him into safety. Thankfully, this little guy was not harmed but it appears his days of adventure are over!

The owner of this cat must have been so worried about their pet. One wrong move and this little kitty could have been killed by a serious fall! Although it took a little work, they were finally able to fit the loop over the cat’s neck and bring him safely inside the window. After this scary experience, he will likely never venture out again. After watching, Please SHARE on Facebook for all to see the video for themselves.

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