See the Classic Color Screen Test of Elvis Presley Performing “Blue Suede Shoes”


If you are an Elvis Presley fan, this video will thrill you! In this rare video, you will get to witness his color screen test and see him rocking out to his classic hit, Blue Suede Shoes. As the narrator points out, the guitar in this screen test is nothing more than a prop. If you look very closely, you will soon realize there are absolutely no strings on this guitar. Elvis performed so well, likely no one even noticed!

Although many music artists of today lipsync, Elvis was the King at doing it! He could dance and perform and make it look like a live show. This man had it all together and no one has ever been able to quite duplicate his style, though many, many have tried! There has never been a man to take to the stage and captivate his audience the way Elvis was able to. If you love Elvis, Please SHARE on Facebook!

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