See Dramatic Rescue Of A Turtle That Had Been Washed Into The Storm Drain


When a father and his two children were out walking about, they happened upon a storm drain and saw a poor turtle trapped inside. The father made the wise decision to run and get a long net to see if he could fetch the turtle and help him out of his predicament. Thankfully, the man was successful and pulled the sweet turtle from his trapped position and sat him near the pond, where he could finally swim to freedom. This is the kinda video that gives you the warm fuzzies!

It is not often people will take the time to help defenseless creatures but this video proves there is still good in the world. The poor turtle looks so happy as he is set free and can finally go and hunt for food and swim in his pond. When he makes the big splash into the water, you will not be able to help but smile! To share the good news, Please SHARE on Facebook.