See How A Farmer Lassos A Calf To Get Him Off The Highway


When a farmer’s calf got loose, he immediately found his way down to the highway. As the sheriff’s department learned of the loose calf, from a 911 call, they immediately took action. They followed the calf and tried to shield him but he refused to stop. So, they decided to put a farmer on the roof of a police car and he held his rope, ready to lasso the calf and bring him to safety.

This farmer acts just as if he is a cowboy riding a horse. He is able to lasso the calf in perfect formation to prevent him and anyone else from being injured. The owner of the calf was so thankful for the work that was done in her rural Tennesee town. This mission took pure teamwork and it worked out exactly as planned. Enjoy this amazing video! After you have watched the action unfold, Please SHARE on Facebook.