See What Former Students Did To Their Music Teacher


Peter is one of the students whose attributes his success to his former music teacher Ms. Watson Gabrielyn. He was in her class of ’05.
In this video,Ms. Watson says that she always wants her students to have the best opportunity so that they can thrive. Peter, her former student was living in Los Angeles persuing his career.
He last saw his former music teacher in 2009. Peter realized that he had never had an opportunity to tell Ms. Watson how influential she was in his life.
Kleenex therefore organised to get Ms. Watson former students back together in order to let her know how much she was appreciated.

Students began to train a song together so as to give her a huge surprise. Allie class of ’07 admits that they had not seen each other for 10 years. Adam class of ’04 confesses that he loves Ms. Watson.
They group organised to meet her in Chicago, Illinois.
As Ms Watson was approaching from one side of the building, Peter was the first to emerge from the opposite direction. He began to sing an amazing song as other students joined him.
Ms. Watson was overwhelmed with joy until she sat on the floor. The song really touched her. She was very amused and appreciated the students’ love for her. They talked for a while. Peter exprressed how greatful they were for the role she had played in their lives. That she was the reason behind their current success.