See What Happens When 166 Severely Neglected Dogs and Cats are Rescued by the Human Society


When the Humane Society learned about these dogs and cats being kept in horrific conditions, they knew they had to immediately take action. This video shows the horrible conditions these poor animals were being kept in with many of them injured and emaciated. As you watch the video, you will see that these dogs and cats were forced to feed on deer carcasses as their only means of nourishment.

One poor dog had lost its eye and was trapped in a tiny cage with no food or water. As the rescuers come in to rescue these precious animals, you will find yourself getting all teary eyed, just as they did. Thankfully, the Humane Society was able to successfully rescue all 166 dogs and cats and they are working to find them loving homes so they can live the rest of their days in pure happiness. After watching this video, Please SHARE on Facebook so everyone can learn about the efforts of this great organization!

The Humane Society of the United States