See What Happens When Adam Levine Takes A Day Off From The Voice


This video brings two of the beloved coaches of The Voice together in a hilarious skit that will have you laughing out loud. Blake Shelton and Adam Levine star in this funny video. It seems Adam has decided he wants to have a day off and does not want to be stuck with filming. He pretends he is sick but Blake is not having it! Blake attempts to catch him in the act as he has fun around the city.

If you are an Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, or The Voice fan, do not miss out on this funny video. Adam gets into all kinds of trouble and ends up right back at the set where he is supposed to be filming. The message of this video is to slow down here and there to enjoy life like Adam does. You will love seeing him getting into all kinds of fun. Enjoy and Please SHARE on Facebook.