See What Happens When This Chorus Teacher’s Former Students Come Back to Surprise Her


Many teachers do not realize the full impact they leave on a students’ lives. In this video, we witness a group of students who have come back to surprise a teacher that has meant so much to them. When one former student began realizing his dream of pursuing a career in entertainment, he knew he owed his High School teacher much of the credit for helping him. He quickly worked to gather other former students so they could give their teacher the surprise of her life.

As each student comes forward to perform, the teacher is blown away with emotion. As the tears flow and the joy covers her face, you heart is sure to be moved! As a society, it is crucial we let our teachers know what a difference they make in our lives. Consider honoring a teacher from your past so they will know their legacy lives on. Please SHARE on Facebook so others can enjoy this moment!