See What Happens When a Little Puppy Named Daniel Gets a New Leash on Life


Most puppy mills treat their animals atrociously, with many left to die because of illnesses that go untreated. Little Daniel was found along with 295 other dogs, in a puppy mill in Arkansas. When the Human Society learned about the puppy mill, they immediately stepped in to rescue the dogs so they could be rehabilitated and adopted by loving families. In this video, you will learn about Daniel, a sweet little pup who had a problem being able to walk normally.

Daniel’s ending is a happy one. Unlike many puppy mill pups, he received the vital care that he needed. When the Humane Society first found him, he was having difficulty being able to walk on his two front legs. After only two days of work, he was able to start walking, a big milestone that will allow him to go on and grow healthy and strong.

This video will bring a smile to your face and don’t be surprised if a tear slips down your cheek! It is crucial people get the word out about the Humane Society so their efforts can be supported. To do your part, Please SHARE on Facebook to spread the message.