See Hilarious Experiment Where People Touch Strangers On The Escalator


This video is quite hilarious to watch! In this experiment, a woman and a man take turns going up the escalator and touching random people as if they are coming on to them. The looks on the faces of the ‘victims’ are quite funny to see! It is clear these people do not feel comfortable being touched and certainly do not appreciate it, even though the people have not done anything wrong. Perhaps this social experiment reveals society is still very much one that wants to be private!

Whether it is the man or the woman, no one seems to truly appreciate the attention they receive. Although some of them let out a slight grin, most of them are quite shocked and some even seem mortified! What would you do if a random stranger approached you in this manner? This video will have you giggling the whole way through. Check out the fun and Please SHARE on Facebook.