See The Original Stroll Dance Performed Way Back When in 1958


Times sure have changed! When you see this video, you will not believe the difference in these teenagers and the ones of today. Dressed modestly and wholesome, these teens look like complete opposites of the teens today. This video will take you way, way back, to a time when things were much slower and less complicated, even the dances. When you see these kids cutting the rug, you will not be able to believe how time changes everything!

The Stroll was a dance that was made famous during the late fifties. It debuted on American Bandstand and became an instant hit among the young people of the day. This dancing style is done in line formation and is so laid back. Although the dance was quite fun for teens, they don’t look as if they are having very much fun in this video. Perhaps they were nervous because they were on live television! If you think this dance is cool, Please SHARE on Facebook!


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