Did You See Remi’s Latest Stunt? OMG! This Is Exceptional


Remi Gaillard, a French humorist, is popular for his online jokes and untamed funniness. But his latest act was anything but a realistic tale.

Gillard is an animal rights advocate and opted to do something over-the-top to create awareness about refuge dogs. Being a dog fan, he joined forces with the France SociétéProtectrice des Animaux (SPA).

Incredibly, Gillard dedicated to baring himself in a pen for 87 hours in anticipations of raising $71,871 and having all dogs at the refuge take up.

But this act confirmed to be more victorious than anticipated: The humorist raised $287,750 to support refuge animals and got 200 of them into permanent homes.

Gaillard’s latest loss motivated the generous act. His dog and buddy died lately. Aware of all that his confidant gave him, he knew he had to share. He states in the video that he is aware of what his dog gave him and he wants to share it to all because he knows how faithful and generous, they are.

Although the refuge can offer street dogs the support and assistance, they need it is no assessment to the affection they can get from a forever human companion.

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