A Selfie Spoon To Give You Shots Of Every Bite


New innovations always spice up the way we live our normal life. If you don’t have anything in your house that’s new in the market then you are missing out on a lot. A selfie spoon is one of the products making great sales in the market today.

This video shows you all about the selfie spoon. This comes to the rescue of social media lovers who post about how delicious their breakfasts are but they have nothing to prove for it. The selfie spoon gives your friends the proof they need to believe your claims.

With this selfie spoon, you can actually take a selfie while eating. The best thing about the selfie spoon is that it has been design to capture the best angle that shows your face and whatever you are having for breakfast. This video shows you exactly how this works. You should watch it and SHARE it on Facebook so that your friend can also be updated.

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