Serving Our Country Has a Price


Many young men and women entered the military under one branch or another for various reasons. And when they are sent into enemy territory things can go wrong. It costs lives at times, and others manage to escape with injuries instead.

In the case of Corporal Kyle Carpenter he was severely injured and received the medal of honor for serving our country. This video shows him and David Letterman going over his injuries and how badly it cost him. He wears his uniform with pride though, and regrets nothing that he did as he jokes over some of his injuries with Letterman.

Corporal Carpenter had over 40 surgeries mostly on his face as he lost his jaw bone, most of his teeth, vision in his right eye, and both ear drums blown out. He had over 30 broken bones in one arm alone, which he jokes about being an over achiever. He also had shrapnel removed from his legs and head. Almost dying in the field was bad enough, but he flat lined three times during all of the procedures as well. Honor this young American for his service to his country.If you agree, please SHARE this video with your friends on Facebook.