Seventeen-Year-Old Boy Nearly Lost His Life Driving While Distracted


The seventeen-year-old boy in this video is truly blessed to be alive! As he was driving only about a mile from home, his cell phone fell off its pedestal and landed near his gas peddle. He reached down to get it and when he looked up, that is the last thing he remembers before the crash. In an instant, his life was changed and he suffered serious injuries that left scars that will remind him of the crash for the rest of his life.

This young man wants to spread awareness about the dangers of distracted driving. When you see his vehicle, you will not be able to believe he survived! Many of his family members and friends have stopped by to look at the wreckage and are changing their driving habits permanently. He wants to spread the word that no distraction is worth losing your life over! After watching this video, make sure to Please SHARE on Facebook to spread the word.

WXYZ-TV Detroit | Channel 7