Several Unconventional and Effective Ways to Use Vodka


Vodka is purely a beverage for the majority of people, but vodka can actually have several other practical uses. Alcohol was used medicinally for a long period of time, and it can still be used that way. The exact alcoholic concentration of vodka can make it a particularly good choice for the people who plan on using vodka in this manner.

This video demonstrates the ways in which vodka can be used as a topical treatment and as a cleaner primarily. People can use vodka to clean their glasses, for instance. Acne treatments that contain vodka are surprisingly effective as well. Some of the vodka uses are more surprising than others, but all of them will allow people to think outside the box and find new uses for old items. Plenty of people on Facebook would love this video, and they might immediately start trying some of these tricks themselves after seeing the video.