Shake It and Move It With This Pregnant Mom


Want to shake it and move it to the song, ‘Is she your baby Momma’? Well, this pregnant mother certainly wants to. Pregnancy is a wonderful feeling and this mother makes sure that she enjoys every moment of it.

We can see her stomach bulging out and can easily make out that she is well over 6-7 months pregnant, but that doesn’t stop her enthusiasm of being pregnant. The video shows her making the grooves to the song, dancing to the tune of the song merrily. After sometime, even her husband joins in, supposedly out of nowhere. You can see both of them sharing their asses, like they have beed doing this always.

And you can even hear the rhyme ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’ being played out at the end as well! The entire experience tells us of how special a baby could be to her mother. The appearance of the husband at regular intervals is really hilarious and the couple manages to really pull off the song well with their dance.

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