This Shiba Inu Is All Dressed Up For The Holidays!


Chiko the Shiba Inu is all dressed up for Christmas and has the most adorable smile you have ever seen! He is so ready for Christmas, he cannot hold back his excitement and it shows all over his cute little face. Whoever thought of turning this sweet dog into a Christmas tree is an absolute genius! Though some dogs would not like this costume, this pup absolutely loves it because he is full of Christmas spirit.

This video is so adorable and is perfect for those who love getting into the holiday spirit well before it is time and even after it has passed. This sweet pup loves enjoying Christmas and just wants to share as much holiday cheer as he possibly can. Chiko makes the most adorable Christmas tree so make sure you do not miss this video. After you have watched this video and laughed out loud, Please SHARE on Facebook.