Shocked Fisherman Helps Stringray Deliver Her Tiny Twin Pups


When a group was out on their boat attempting to catch a shark, they planned on using a stingray as bait. When they pulled the stingray up to begin preparing it for bait, they realized something unique about the creature. This Mother Stingray was in the process of giving birth to a pup. With a little help from one of the fishermen, the first pup popped out and was immediately released into the ocean where he could swim freely. This video shows every moment of the birth and is something you will not want to miss out on!

Soon after the birth of the first pup, it appears another one is crowning. The fisherman gently pushes on the stingray’s soft middle and the second baby pops out just like his brother! When the fishermen are finished helping this Mom give birth, they are all three released into the sea and swim away to enjoy their lives. Because this video is so rare to see, Please SHARE on Facebook so others can witness this birth!

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