Shocking Footage Shows Tesla’s Instant Acceleration Saving A Driver From A Speeding Car


Tesla has created some of the most fascinating vehicle options in the history of car manufacturing. In this video footage, you get to see one of them in action. Had it not been for Tesla’s instant acceleration, the driver of this vehicle would likely have been killed and so would the driver who was speeding. When you see how the Tesla responds, you will not believe your eyes!

It is amazing to see this vehicle in action. Although it was not automated, the driver says he has never seen a car’s accelerator respond and perform the way this one did. Thankfully, the accelerator responded beautifully and the driver was able to quickly reach a high enough speed to avoid certain collision. The driver credits his life to this vehicle because he says he would have certainly lost it in almost any other. Watch this amazing video footage and be sure to Please SHARE on Facebook.

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