Shocking Video Footage Shows Accused Sexual Predator Attempting To Stab Prosecutor In Court

This video features footage from a trial where a man was accused of sexual assault. As he and his lawyer are standing in court, he suddenly reaches for something in his pants and lunges towards the prosecutor, attempting to stab him with a knife! Luckily, he missed and the prosecutor was not harmed. What must have been going through this man’s mind as he tried to commit the unthinkable? When you see this shocking video, you will not be able to believe what you are seeing!

This man must have been out of his mind when he committed such an act right in front of the judge and police officers! It is likely he will now be serving much more time than he would have had he not acted on his anger and aggression. Can you imagine how the prosecutor felt after knowing his life could have ended? Please SHARE on Facebook so others can see this shocking video.

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