This Shocking Video Highlights The Dangers of Child Abuse


This somber video has been made to highlight the widespread problem of child abuse. During the video, you will learn that there are 3 million reports of child abuse in the United States each year. Some 6 million children are affected by child abuse each and every year. This number is shocking and something needs to be done to stop it.

The video was made to bring awareness in Collin County Texas. There are 5,000 reports of child abuse annually in Collin County. This is a shocking number and people in the community are working hard to fix this issue. In the video, you will hear one account of child abuse as a former victim tells his story. To spread awareness about this very serious issue, please SHARE this video with everyone you know on Facebook.

This problem concerns us all and everyone at some point will become affected. You might even know someone right now that has become a victim of child abuse.

CASA of Collin County