Shocking Video Shows Man Attempting To Kidnap Baby Girl!


This video lasts just a few seconds but it will send chills down your spine! As this woman was shopping with her baby, she turned her head a brief moment to look at some spices when a man came out of nowhere and picked her fifteen-month-old baby up. Thankfully, her leg got caught in the shopping cart and the man was not able to get away with her.

No one knows what this creepy guy was attempting to do but the mom was terrified and called the police right away. They are looking for this man and hope to find him so they can learn more about his motives. This scary video should prompt parents to be vigilant in watching their children at all times so they can be safe. Thankfully, this man’s plans did not work out! After you have watched this news video, make sure to Please SHARE on Facebook for others to see.

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