Shoplifting Seagull Is Kicked Out Of Store By Angry Shopkeeper


This video will give you a good chuckle, no matter what your day has been like! It seems this seagull loves chips and he is determined to score a bag, even though he obviously does not have the money to cover the cost. As he runs down the store aisle and grabs his favorite bag of chips, the storekeeper comes running after him, telling him to drop the bag and get out of his store. The antics that occur in this video are worth watching every minute of.

When you see this sly robber, you will not be able to stop laughing. As the shopkeeper tells him to drop the bag, he obliges the request and then hastily makes an exit so he does not get in trouble. Wonder how many stores this guy has robbed before he got caught! If you think the shopkeeper should have let him keep his treat, Please SHARE on Facebook.

German WOMER