A Short Film Depicting the Importance of Animal Care and the Importance of Organ Donation


Organ donation is one of those social issues that has many different effects on society. This video effortlessly demonstrates how the act of saving a life can have other social consequences as well. The video is silent, although it does have background music.

It portrays an older man who has a beloved pet dog who dotes on him all the time. The dog is always waiting for him at the windows of buildings.

When the old man is rushed to the hospital at the end of the video, it looks like all hope is lost for the dog. However, a young woman emerges from the hospital in a wheelchair and quickly strikes up a bond with the dog. The implication is that she was a recipient of the old man’s organs. The video manages to address several key issues at once. People should please SHARE this touching video on Facebook, since it might draw attention to these issues.

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