This Silly Cat is Trying to Play with Two Very Tiny Kittens and The Results are Amazing!


During this exciting video, you will see two very cute kittens walking around on top of a kitchen counter. These tiny animals are crawling around when a much larger cat starts to take interest in them. The white feline jumps onto the counter and starts to play with the kittens. But the two orange kittens are too small to play. They simply waddle around not knowing what the bigger cat is trying to do. It seems that they are only a few days old and can’t walk very well.

As the baby cats meow, the larger kitty playfully paws at them. The white cat is being very gentle with the baby kittens. It’s so cute to see the white cat dance with excitement and it seems like he is even clapping his paws. This is very cute to watch and the white cat seems to be having great fun trying to get the kittens to play with him. If you enjoyed this super cute video, please SHARE┬áit on Facebook.

Very Funny Laugh