Simon Tries to Stop Girl From Singing But the Other Judges Won’t Have It


Everyone knows Simon is known for being somewhat rude. Normally he tries to behave as much as possible with the younger crowd but he is also honest. When sixteen-year-old Jodi Bird steps to the stage and begins singing, “Don’t Rain on My Parade”, Simon soon stops her and tells her he wants to hear another song choice. The crowd goes mad and the judges complain, feeling Simon is being much too harsh. In this video, Jodi is given another chance and what happens next is crazy!

When Jodi begins to sing again, she gives the performance everything she has. She rubs it back in Simon’s face and makes sure he knows she has the talent to win and she is not going to give up. It takes a lot of guts to stand up and perform after such a harsh critique but this young lady proves she has them! Please SHARE on Facebook so all can see Jodi stand up to Simon in this video.

Britain’s Got Talent

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