Simone Biles Flawlessly Executes A Mind-Blowing Vault At Rio Olympics 2016


Simone Biles has become the United States darling of the Rio Olympics 2016. Whether you are a fan or have never even seen her perform, you do not want to miss this daring feat! As she performs her flawless vault, the crowd goes absolutely wild because she receives a score of 16.050! You cannot fully appreciate this performance until you see the footage in slow motion. The moves her body makes defy gravity and will shock your eyes!

Simone has racked up the medals and deserves every one of them. It has been so thrilling watching her blossom in her career. This young lady has so much passion for her sport, it is truly inspiring to watch! She not only perfectly executes every turn and flip, she firmly sticks it in the end. Check out Simone’s brilliant performance and Please SHARE on Facebook so the entire world can honor this outstanding Olympic athlete.

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