Singing Cashier Serenades Each Of His Customers With His Amazing Talent


Lucas Holliday works at the Dollar General in Lansing, Michigan. While he may be a cashier right now, he hopes to one day be a star! In this video, he is doing what he loves to do best, serenading his customers as he rings up their purchases. When you hear him sing, you are going to have to pick your jaw up off the floor! This man is truly talented as he sings Maxwell’s “Ascension.”

This video has caused such an uproar, Maxwell himself heard about it and watched. He invited Lucas to come and be a part of one of his concerts so he got to perform live on stage with him. It is clear this man needs to give up his day job and pursue his dreams! Talent like this does not come along so often so do not miss out on this amazing video. Watch and make sure to Please SHARE on Facebook.