Single Mother Gets Pregnant With Quadruplets – See Her Amazing Story


In this video, you will view a segment from the Oprah show, called “Where are They Now”. This show segment introduces Beth Goodman, a single mother who went through invitro fertilization so she could become pregnant. When she learned there were four babies in her womb, she nearly lost it but she knew she wanted each one of them, no matter how difficult the road ahead might be! This amazing story will touch your heart in more ways than you can imagine.

When Beth first came to meet Oprah, there was a lot of controversy because people thought she could not financially care for the children. In this video, you get to fast forward through ten years and meet the mom and her now ten-year-old quads! This woman has proven to the world that single mothers can do it all! If you think this woman is an amazing mom, Please SHARE on Facebook so all can learn about her story.