Sir Paul McCartney Wows the Crowd During His 2010 Hyde Park Performance of “Hey Jude”


Paul McCartney continued to be an idol, long after The Beatles disassembled and went their separate ways. His amazing voice speaks to people in a way that no one else can. When he begins to sing his iconic classic, “Hey Jude, the crowd immediately begins to sing along. This man continues to thrill his fans just like he did when he started out in his career so many years ago. If you are a fan of Paul, don’t miss out on this video!

When most people begin to age, their voices slowly decrease in power each year. This man is 74 years old and still can rock a crowd like never before! It is clear to see Paul McCartney is going to keep delivering the music his fans love until he dies. What better way to celebrate his love of music than to watch this video and let it take you back to when you first became a fan! If you love Paul, Please SHARE on Facebook!