Six Fantastic Tricks that will Revolutionize Your Kitchen Routine


Spice up your kitchen routine, with the unusual yet effective tricks showcased in this video. It’s a simple video, showing off six easy to follow tricks for a variety of fruits and vegetables, but one that is sure to reshape how you cook and eat any meal. From hard boiled eggshell removal to easy kiwi peeling, this video demonstrates a fairly large variety of exotic techniques, each more awesome than the last.

Amaze a friend with a banana cut while still in its peel, or save time when dealing with garlic, with just a few simple shakes and a quality jar. Perhaps the most impressive of the tricks appears at the end, and will revolutionize how you cook and eat potatoes. If you find the video helpful, and wish to share the techniques with those you know and trust, be sure to SHARE this video on Facebook, and spread these cooking techniques far and wide.

How To Make Sushi

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