Six-Month-Old Baby Suffered Bleeding On The Brain After Being Shaken By His Aunt


When you see this video, it is going to make you angry! The story of little Abe is a difficult one to watch but it needs to be told, to raise awareness about Shaken Baby Syndrome. This little one was in the care of his great aunt when she became frustrated with him crying and not wanting to take a bottle. She shook him violently and then slammed his head against a wood couch. Thankfully, the little one survived but only time will tell how it will affect him.

Never, ever shake a baby! There have been many babies who have died because they were shaken violently. Little Abe survived but he has had to go through surgery and will possibly go through more. Doctors are not sure if he will have brain damage or become blind later in life. It is crucial awareness is raised so the abuse of babies can be stopped. Please SHARE on Facebook for all to see.