Six-Year-Old Brings Down The House With Her Performance Of “America The Beautiful”


Heavenly Joy is her name and she truly brings that joy to everyone she meets. This beautiful little girl is full of talent and loves singing for anyone who will take the time to hear. When she sings before the Republican National Convention, she brings down the house because they cannot believe how truly talented she is! You do not want to miss Heavenly performing “America The Beautiful”! Her beautiful voice and sweet demeanor will make you smile.

This little girl is full of so much talent, it will absolutely blow you away! She is so full of passion and love for her country, even at such a young age. When she hits the high notes, everyone in the audience gasps and some of them are even in tears! This little cutie became the star of the Republican National Convention and she will melt your heart. Check out her amazing performance and Please SHARE on Facebook.

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