Six Year Old Diva gets Massive R-E-S-P-E-C-T


This six-year-old girl just earned all the respect from the audience as she performs Aretha Franklins “Respect” she is a true diva. As the routine begins, you would never guess what to expect until she turns round and from then on she captures the audience attention getting them to clap, laugh, sing along and a male voice from the audience can be heard saying “That’s my Girl” – which parent wouldn’t be proud of such a performance from their daughter?

Because of her huge stage presence, it is understandable that not so many people took note of the fact that there are two other girls on the stage with Johanna who are equally adorable, but just not as full of attitude as she is.

If there is ever a little girl who has owned a song like she is the diva that sung it, it is this girl in the video. If you liked this, please SHARE on Facebook.