Six-Year-Old Girl Discovers Stolen Olympic Gold Medal In A Pile Of Trash


The little girl in this video is truly a hero because she found a treasure among the trash. As she and her dad were walking along as they always do, little Chloe could not help but be intrigued by something she saw shining on the side of the road. Although her dad has told her many times to leave things alone, she picked it up and it’s a good thing she did! This six-year-old found a stolen 1992 Barcelona Gold Olympic Medal. Thankfully, it was returned to its rightful owner.

It seems this was Joe Jacobi’s medal that he won for whitewater canoe slalom. An unscrupulous thief had recently broken into his trunk while he was dining in a restaurant, stealing many items, including his precious gold medal. What are the odds of this little girl finding such a treasure on the side of the road? After you see this video, Please SHARE on Facebook to honor Chloe for her good deed.